Data Analytics/Business Intelligence – eBest IOT


The eBest range of Smart Cooler Solutions are at the center of our connected devices. Our IT services work with eBest IOT to change the nature of a cooler from ordinary cooling machines to self-monitoring, self-diagnosing, information-collecting, systemic thinking brand assets we call the Cooler X. Our goal is to create a nuanced technology that disrupts the existing Cooler system. By filling the unwanted diagnostic and value chain gaps in traditional inventory management, Cooler X IOT is the first of its kind in redefining integrated cooler systems.

Next Gen Solutions/IT Modernization – Freddie Mac


Freddie Mac lies at the heart of the mortgage industry, thus making them a key player in both the federal and private financial sectors within the U.S.. Because Freddie Mac remains one of the largest corporations providing mortgage loans and investment services across the country, they require an IT infrastructure that enhances their reporting capabilities and creates structured databases to curate their volumes of data.

Healthcare – Somatus


Because the range and scope of healthcare data can often be an overwhelming challenge to understand, analyze, and organize, ESF worked with Somatus to help them take better advantage of their data assets. It is common for mature healthcare organizations to rely on a manual output of data, but it can become an issue given the extensive nature of healthcare information and the critical role it has in saving lives.